Jeweler Web Services

Jewelers Need Tech Help!

You've come to the right place. A dedicated team at MPC Connect will be your Jewelry IT, your Jewelry Web Master, your Jewelry Programmer, your Jewelry Marketer (traditional materials and digital), and your Jewelry Promoter.

Making Technology Simple - For Over 30 Years! The MPC Connect team has worked with some of the biggest Jewelry Designers, Jewelry Brands, Jewelry Manufacturers and Jewelry Retailers worldwide. Milwaukee PC has been helping make technology simple for over 30 years in every sector from Government to Residential, from Enterprise to Small Business, and from Educational to Personal.

Jewelry Tech Results That Increase Traffic

We create Social Contests that drive traffic to your website. Results show that up to 20% of the contest traffic passes through to your online store to browse and purchase jewelry! Below are ACTUAL results.

Social Media Certified For Jewelers

With our Hootsuite Certified Professionals, we can train you in the #1 used Social Media Management tool to help save time so you can promote AND run your business at the same time.

Jewelry SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Don't let the competition steal your customers! Our online catalogs get crawled and indexed by Google and are packed full of SEO so your customers and new customers can find you through the products listed in your online catalog

Point of Sale Integration for Jewelry Software

MPC Connect can wire your website directly into most POS systems so that your online sales and inventory can talk to your in-store system! Many retailers don't post their inventory because it's too hard to manage the website products shown AND your in-store software. In many cases we can tie the two databases together to drastically cut down on costs.

Social Media Training & Coaching

MPC Connect offers full service and coaching for social media so that you can harness the powerful networking tools like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more.

Empower You - Reduce Costs

We give YOU the power to edit your website! If you know how to use Word or write an Email, you can make your own changes to your website! No more waiting or over paying for a developer to put up your promotion! Make changes in seconds!

MPC Connect: A Truly Full Service Shop

We are unique, offering full service with hardware and service! Now you can have an experienced IT Department at a fraction of the price! All the benefits with none of the employment issues!

Mobile Responsive!

With over 40% of web traffic coming from mobile devices, we use responsive web design so that your website can be viewed as it should on any device big or small!

What's The Catch?

Sorry, there isn't one! No fine print. Just call us today at the number below or shoot us an email with the contact form to the right. We'll take the time to learn about your business, learn what makes your company unique, and how we can help. Your team will create a focused and easy engagement plan, complete with a free cost assessment.

Sounds expensive, right? You'll be surprised how affordable quality service from MPC Connect is when you see how our services reinforce your brand, increase your footprint, and bring new business through your doors.